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Section 2
Sexting Among Adolescents: The Emotional Impact
and Influence of the Need for Popularity

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- Del Rey, R., Ojeda, M., Casas, J. A., Mora-Merchán, J. A., & Elipe, P. (2019). Sexting Among Adolescents: The Emotional Impact and Influence of the Need for Popularity. Frontiers in psychology10, 1828, 1-9.

Sexting in Adolescence:
What are the Reasons?
An Empirical Study

- Gargano, M., Tomassoni, R., Zanon, A., Lungu, M. A., & Infurna, M. R. (2022). Sexting in adolescence: what are the reasons? An empirical study. La Clinica terapeutica, 173(5), 407–413.

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To examine the emotional impact of sexting, an adaptation of the Cybervictimization Emotional Impact Scale, namely the CVEIS was used. Just following the four sexting items, a filter question was asked, and those who said to have sent, received, or forwarded videos, photos, or messages of an erotic-sexual nature were required to fill in the current questionnaire. This questionnaire comprises 18 items that evaluate what three types of emotional impact? To select and enter your answer go to Test

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